Revitalization of Marlim and Parque das Baleias with flexibles


Petrobras will use flexible lines in the connection of the submarine systems of the revitalization project of Marlim and the integrated system of Parque das Baleias, in the Campos and Espírito Santo basins, respectively.

The subsea configuration of the projects will be made up of flexible pipes for production, gas lift / services, export and gas or water injection, according to the charter announcements and the provision of operating services of the FPSOs that will be installed in the fields.

The invitation to the Marlim FPSOs is divided into three lots (A, B and C). The first two foresee a proposal for an FPSO (Marlim 1 or 2) and the third, for both platforms simultaneously. Bidders may only submit an offer for one of the three lots.

The FPSOs will be destined to the revitalization project of Marlim. One of them will have the capacity to produce 80,000 barrels a day and compress 7 million cubic meters of gas (Marlim I) and another (Marlim II), 70,000 barrels a day and 4 million cubic meters a day of gas.

The term of the units contract will be 25 years (9,125 days), two and a half years longer than the duration of the FPSO charter of Parque das Baleias (8,218 days), which will have the capacity to produce 100,000 barrels / day of oil and compress 5 million m3 / day of gas.

The Petrobras schedule foresees, in both cases, the signing of the letter of intent by February 2019 and the preliminary acceptance of the platforms in October 2021.

Obligations of the parties

The charter contracts specify that Petrobras will supply, on its own behalf, tugboats, support vessel with ROV and support for anchoring the FPSOs, launch boat for risers (PLSV) and pre-installation of the anchorage.

Among the duties of the contracted company will be the supply of steel cables and other equipment during the towing operation of the FPSO, bell-mouths and the payment of all customs expenses.

Depending on the scope of service contracts, the winning company will have to pay part of the cost of hiring support boats and boats in oil transfer operations (above the 12-day limit), as well as dive, connection and test operations of risers and underwater inspection of FPSOs.

The minimum staff of specialized personnel required to provide the services will be 39 people, including the production superintendent, maintenance technicians, cargo operators and security technicians, among other professionals.

The contractual minutes of the FPSOs, whose contracting is in progress, do not foresee minimum indexes of local content in its construction and operation.

Source: Brazil Energy

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