1. Aug, 2018

Açu Port will have a helicopter base with a total area of ​​210,000 m² and specifically designed for the use of helicopters that will serve the offshore platforms in the region, including the Campos and Espírito Santo basins. The Heliport will have 20 positions for the aircraft parking. Açu Port Operations and Aeropart Group – Airport Participations have already signed a contract for this facility at the Port Complex.

In operation since 2014, the Port of Açu now has leading companies in the O & G sector. Among them is Edison Chouest, which operates the largest offshore support base in the world, with 16 berths for berthing and more than 1km berth. Heliport will also offer another important logistics operation: from people to platforms: “This partnership offers new logistics for the O & G industry, especially for Upstream. In addition, it further strengthens Açu Port as the main platform for this sector, “said Tadeu Fraga, president of Açu Port Operations.

For the Aeropart Group, the operation in Açu presents many possibilities. One of the directors of the company, Murilo Junqueira, said that “This partnership adds the strategic location of Açu Port with the Aeropart Group’s experience in offshore support base operation by helicopters. It will certainly strengthen Açu as the main hub for O & G in Brazil. ” The Açu Heliport works are expected to start in 2019, after obtaining the necessary authorizations, under the responsibility of the Aeropart Group. Operations are planned for 2020. The expectation is that 150 jobs will be generated in the Heliport construction phase and about 240 during the operation.

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