Greener AHTSs Fleet


Participation of foreign vessels to support platform anchoring operations fell from 73% to 27% in one year


The fleet of vessels supporting anchor operations (AHTSs) in Brazil is increasingly green and yellow. Between July 2017 and the same month of this year, 14 foreign-flagged units left the country, reducing their participation from 73% to only 27% in the total fleet of AHTSs in Brazilian waters.

Four of the foreign AHTSs that went to other markets in the period are from Maersk. The others were from Astromarítima (2), Asso Marítima (1), Deep Sea (1), Farstad (1), Finarge (1), Galáxia (1), Maré Alta (1), OSM 1).

The Norwegian DOF is today responsible for the largest fleet of AHTSs in Brazil, with 11 units, one of which is an international flag. Following are Bram / Alfanave (10), CBO and Farstad (6), Bourbon, Finarge and Maersk (3), Farol (2) and Asso Marítima and Marlin (1).

The “escape” of foreign ships follows the fall of the maritime support fleet in the country in recent years, since Brazilian vessels have a preference in hiring. In the analyzed period, the proportion of foreigners in Brazil decreased by 35%, falling from 69 to 45 units.

Other classes of vessels that have experienced significant reductions from foreigners between 2017 and 2018 include RSVs (support for operations with ROVs), OSRVs (contingency operations) and PLSVs (launching submarine lines).

Source: Portos e Navios Magazine

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