Reimbursement to Petrobras as a result of Operation Car Wash

Rio de Janeiro, August 28, 2018 – Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras, further to the Material Fact of 8/9/2018, informs about the actions that it has been implementing and the amounts that have been recovered in the context of Operation Car Wash, to provide its shareholders and other stakeholders a more detailed outlook on the efforts adopted for the protection of the interests of the company.

In addition to the amounts that have already been returned to Petrobras as a result of collaboration and leniency agreements and repatriations, above R$ 2.5 billion, the company acts in the criminal sphere, assisting prosecutors on 53 lawsuits filed by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office (MPF), always seeking its recognition as the victim of the crimes committed against it, as well as the conviction of the charged parties (individuals) in the so called “minimal damage,” which means the lowest value for compensation arising out of crimes. In the condition of victim of the offenses committed, as recognized by the Brazilian authorities, the value of this conviction will be reverted to Petrobras, after the complete closure of the judicial discussion. To date, there has already been a conviction of several charged parties, but only after the exhaustion of the appeals to higher courts will the company be entitled to enforce the collection of such amounts, currently in the approximate amount of R$ 1 billion.

In the civil sphere, Petrobras participates together with MPF and/or the Federal Government (AGU) in 16 lawsuits of administrative improbity, seeking the adequate reimbursement of the losses arising out of the acts of fraud and corruption committed against it. In such demands, Petrobras requests compensation for payments of undue advantages, as well as the return of all the profit assessed by companies as a result of the unlawful acts, which to date, considering the sum of the claims in all lawsuits, represent R$ 10.9 billion as indemnity and R$ 31.2 billion referring to the possible application of fines.

Additionally, the company has petitioned compensation for immaterial and image damages (moral damage), which, if accepted, will be defined in the sentences.

Petrobras reaffirms its commitment to continue to adopt the appropriate measures against companies and individuals who have caused damage to the company.

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