Certification of local content has 14 companies


Tüv Rheiland was accredited by the ANP for activity in the areas of wells, subsea and processing

Tüv Rheiland was accredited by the ANP for certification of local content, with activities planned in areas such as drilling, completion and evaluation of wells; equipment and control (rigid, flexible, umbilical and manifold lines) and oil processing and treatment system. In all, 14 companies are accredited by the ANP for this certification. Tüv had its published accreditation published in the Official Gazette on Monday (20).

The areas of drilling, completing and evaluation of wells and of submarine equipment and control have 10 companies each accredited to do this type of service. Already for the area of ​​processing and treatment system of oil are nine companies accredited.

The activities with more accredited companies are management, construction, assembly and commissioning; and the transfer pumps area, both with 13 of the 14 accredited companies. The third area with more accredited companies is that of pipelines, pipelines and storage tanks, with 12 companies to carry out this activity.

Four areas are tied between areas with fewer accredited companies for local content certification. They are: acquisition; processing and interpretation; assistance to the environmental license and management, construction and assembly – installation of submarine equipment.

The 14 accredited companies are: Abs Group Services (ABSG), Det Norske Veritas (DNVGL), Terratek Tecnologia, Luiz Mattos and Associate Engineers (RBNA), SGS, Project Consulting Chamber (Camar), Latin American Institute of Quality (INLAC) , Tüv Rheinland (TUV), CCL Certifier of Local Content (CCL), Ability Certification and Consulting, Tecetec, Intertek, Bra Certification and NCC Certifications.

Source: Brazil Energy

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