Equinor gives sequence to exploration of BM-S-8


Started drilling for one more well in the Guanxuma prospect in the Santos Basin

Equinor has started drilling a new well in the BM-S-8 block in the Santos Basin. The 1-STAT-10C-SPS or Guanxuma B T2, the nomenclature given by the company, is the fourth well perforated by the Norwegian oil company, which assumed the operation in January 2017.

Seadrill’s West Saturn rig is responsible for the entire campaign, conducted in water depths of 1,990 m and reaching a depth of 6,630 m, according to ANP data.

Altogether, 16 wells were drilled in the BM-S-8 since 2007, when Petrobras was still operator. The greatest depth of 6,983 m was achieved with the drilling of 4-BRSA-971B-SPS in 2011, and the largest water depth (2,180 m), with PA-1BRSA532ASPS-BM-S-8, in the same year.

In July, Equinor informed the ANP of the discovery of oil evidence in well 1-STAT-10A-SPS (Guanxuma A). It was the tenth notification registered from the exploration of the block, where, besides Guanxuma, the discovery of Carcará is located.

Source: Brazil Energy

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