Brazil well demand back in 2019

August 09, 2018

BE Petroleo presents Petrobras estimates for offshore drilling and completion operations

Petrobras’ demand for offshore wells is expected to grow again in 2019 after four years of decline. According to company estimates to which BE Petróleo had access, 47 wells to be drilled and the completion of 50 wells for next year, up 10% and 20%, respectively, compared to 2018.

In 2014, 101 and 73 offshore wells were drilled and completed, respectively. Since then, demand for wells has dropped steadily, reaching its lowest level this year.

Considering the next five years, the peak of operations should occur in 2021, when drilling and completion of 82 and 71 wells are planned in that order.

Some drilling tenders move the market, which still digests news of the suspension of the redevelopment of the Frade field. Recently, Equinor has opened for bidding two wells in Carcará, in block BM-S-8, in the Santos Basin.

Petrobras has launched a tender for contracting refurbishment services with the application of the frac-pack technique to revitalize the Roncador field in the Campos Basin. A new bid, for post-salt injector wells, should be opened soon by Petrobras.


Last month, BHGE won a bid for block BM-S-11, where the Lula field is located, and for the Libra areas in the Santos pre-salt. The scope comprises about 50 wells with two producing zones.

Superior Energy took a 19-well batch with a single production zone for the BM-S-11, onerous assignment and the Papa-Terra field in the Campos Basin.


In relation to onshore activities, the expectation falls on the Topázio Project of disinvestments of mature fields from Petrobras, as the report Terra Fértil showed.

Potential stakeholders include companies such as Great Energy, PetroRecôncavo, Eneva, Alvopetro, Gran Tierra and Maha Energy, Geopark and Ouro Preto.

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