Marlim Sul renewed until 2052


ANP reviewing 14 other concession renewal processes, five for offshore fields

The ANP board approved at the meeting on July 12 the renewal of the Petrobras concession contract for the Marlim Sul field, in the Campos Basin, until 2052. Along with the extension, a review of the field development project , with a series of requirements such as maintenance of water injection, studies on the extension of the life of the facilities and implementation of projects to increase the recovery factor.  Currently Marlim Sul has five production platforms.

Since 2016, the agency has already approved the renewal of the concession contract of six fields in production. In addition to Marlim Sul, the extension of the Marlim, Voador, Araçás (onshore), Frade and Ubarana concessions, all Round Zero, were ratified. Extensions range from 9 (Ubarana) to 27 years (Marlim, Voador, Araçás and Marlim Sul).

There are another 14 cases being reviewed, five of which are offshore and nine onshore. The agency’s press office did not provide a list of the cases being evaluated.

The renewal of the concession contracts of Round Zero was a decision taken to reactivate the investment in the area of ​​oil and gas in the country. When launched in 2016, the initiative anticipated investments of $ 54 billion over ten years. Last year, the ANP board decided to extend the same requirements to the concession contracts of the Zero Round fields for concessions from subsequent auctions.

Source: Brazil Energy

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