Lula has more than 50 wells to complete/Galp


Largest field in the country, in the pre-salt of the Santos Basin, receives two new platforms later this year

Lula has 52 wells yet to be completed, according to Galp’s COO, Thore Kristiansen. Of the 153 wells foreseen in the current development plan, 101 were completed and 92 are in operation, being 50 producers and 42 injectors.

Seven FPSOs operate in the country’s largest pre-salt field in the Santos Basin: Cidade Angra dos Reis, Cidade de Itaguaí City, Cidade de Mangaratiba, Cidade de Maricá, Cidade de Parati, Cidade de Saquarema and P-66. All have already reached the plateau of production, yielding to the partners of Petrobras 100 thousand bopd.

Later this year, they will start producing in Lula with P-67 and the P-69. According to Kristiansen, it is possible that the last platform, whose integration is being completed at Brasfels (RJ),  may extract the first oil before P-67, which arrived in Rio this month.

“There is still some work to be done and regulatory procedures before the [P-67] platform is enters its final lease,” the executive said during a conference with analysts.

According to more recent ANP data, the Lula field produced 1,107 million boed in the month of May.


In June, during the 4th round of production sharing, Galp acquired the 14% stake in Uirapuru, in partnership with ExxonMobil and Equinor, offering a surplus of 75.49% in oil.

“Our team of geologists is very confident about the potential of the asset, and this was also the case for our partners in the consortium,” said the CEO of the Portuguese company, Carlos Gomes da Silva.

Uirapuru is close to the BM-S-8 and is adjacent to the Norte de Carcará area, where Galp currently holds 17% and 20% stake, respectively.

Source: Brazil Energy

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