Ouro Preto prepares drilling campaign in Parnaíba


Oil company makes final tests to start drilling its first well in the basin this week

Ouro Preto is ready to begin drilling its first well in the Parnaíba Basin on 1st of August. The QG-2 rig, from Queiroz Galvão Oil & Gas, is already in location and has been submitted the final inspection and testing works.

With Halliburton technical support, the campaign will involve the drilling of three wells in blocks PN-T-137, PN-T-165 and PN-T-114, won in the 11th round. The first well will be drilled in the PN-T-137 area, in Piauí, and will reach the final depth of 2.19 thousand m.

Each drilling should consume about one month. The locations are about 300 km apart.

The QG-2 rig was brought from the Solimões, requiring a major operation. The transport of the equipment consumed more than two months and it involved barges and 75 trucks.

After the first drilling, the rig will be transferred to PN-T-114, located in Maranhão. The second well will begin to be drilled in mid-September and will reach the final depth of about 2,500 m, the deepest of the campaign.

Then, QG-2 will be relocated again to Piauí, where the well of block PN-T-165 will be drilled. Scheduled to reach the depth of 2,000 m, the last well will be completed between the end of November and the beginning of December.

If the campaign confirms the gas discovery in the region, Ouro Preto plans to install a project of reservoir-to-wire model, with the construction of three thermals of 300 MW each, with a total estimated investment of US $ 900 million and beginning of operation from 2023.

Source: Brazil Energy

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