Petrobras improves pre-salt gas outflow infrastructure


Preventive measures have already been taken to maintain supply of natural gas during Mexilhão platform shutdown

Petrobras is increasing its gas flow capacity in the pipeline system of Route 1 of the pre-salt to meet the future production of the Santos Basin and improve the natural gas supply conditions for the Brazilian market.

To this end, the company started a scheduled 45-day shutdown of the Mexilhão platform on Tuesday, 24/7. In addition to improvements in the logistics structure, the works will also serve to meet the mandatory safety inspections, established by the Ministry of Labor. After this intervention, the logistics structure of the Santos Basin pre-salt  will be able to export gas to the Caraguatatuba treatment plant in São Paulo, in an integrated manner with Petrobras’ other pipeline systems.

In a meeting held with the natural gas distributors this week, Petrobras presented the actions already taken to avoid any impact on the supply of the product during the works being carried out. Among the measures already adopted are the increase in the regasification capacity of the Bahia terminal, from 14.0 to 20.0 million cubic meters per day (m3 / day), the provision of a regasification vessel for terminal in the Bahia Guanabara / RJ with the capacity to offer another 14.0 million m3 / day of natural gas and the reduction in the demand for thermoelectric plants that had their scheduled shutdowns concentrated in the period scheduled for the Mexilhão shutdown.

The actions and solutions taken by Petrobras are within the contractual rules and guarantys the supply of natural gas in Brazil. The thermoelectric shutdown schedule was discussed and articulated with the National Electric System Operator (ONS), also in advance, seeking the minimum possible impact on the sector.

In addition, it is worth noting that the Mexilhão shutdown needs to be carried out during this period due to a legal requirement established in a safety standard of the Ministry of Labor (NR-13), which establishes periods for inspection of pressure vessels of industrial facilities.

The Mexilhão shutdown will enable the submarine interconnection of a new section of the pipeline to the existing pipeline, allowing separation of gas production from the pre-salt and post-salt. During the platform’s standstill period, improvements are also being made in the Caraguatatuba gas treatment plant, including the adequacy of the system and automation and implementation of structures for future connections of measuring stations.

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