Well in Tiê has been top producer onshore for last 15 months


The 3-GTE-4DPA-BA well in Tiê field produced 1,239 barrels / day of oil in May, according to ANP data released this week. This is the 15th consecutive month in which the well operated by Maha Energy of the Gran Tierra group was the country’s largest land-based oil producer.

Located in the Recôncavo Basin, 3-GTE-4DPA-BA is the only one not operated by Petrobras that is included in the ranking of the 30 main oil producing wells in the Brazilian onshore.

The last month the well was not at the top of the list was in February 2017, when it had not yet surpassed 7RUC112HPAAM in the Rio Urucu field. From the following month, the Maha Energy well produces an average of 1,324 barrels per day.

The well operated by Petrobras in the Solimões Basin occupied the second position until November of last year. From then on, the second leaders alternated between the 7LUC69HPAM wells in the east of Urucu and 1-BRSA-769-AM ( Arara Azul ), located in the same basin.

Among the fields not operated by Petrobras, Tiê was the largest oil and gas producer on land in May, drawing an average of 1,367 boe / day. Following is the field Sabiá da Mata, operated by Sonagol, with an average of 732 boe / day.

In April Tiê was second, behind the field of Gavião Vermelho, operated by Parnaíba Gás Natural (Eneva), in the Parnaíba Basin.

The most important onshore fields in the country are Rio Urucu and East Urucu, with an average extraction of 53,000 boe / day each in May.

These same fields dominate 28 of the 30 positions in the ranking of wells with the largest natural gas production in the country, and the first one was occupied by 9-RUC-75D-AM in Rio Urucu in May, with an average production of 572 thousand m³ / d.

Source: Brazil Energy

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