PGS 3D license for areas in the 16th round

July 2, 2018

PGS intends to start a campaign to acquire 3D seismic data in December 2019 to cover part of the areas that will be offered in the 16th round of bids of the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), scheduled to take place in the second half of next year. The campaign will cover a polygon with 53.211,00 km2.

PGS works with the possibility of using the ports of Rio de Janeiro, Santos and Itajaí for logistics and the activities of supplying, exchanging crew, transfer of generated waste, etc. The activity will last approximately 180 days.

Work for the 16th round began in December last year when Spectrum began a campaign to acquire 47,000 km of 2D seismic data in the Santos Basin in areas that will be offered at the auction. The data will be processed by the company in Houston and will be available for purchase as of the third quarter of 2018. The campaign was conducted in partnership with BOG Marine.

In March, TGS began licensing for the acquisition of 9,568 km of 3D seismic data in the Campos Basin area that will be tendered at the auction. The company, which does not have its own vessel, will still define the vessel that will be used in the acquisition, which is expected to start in July and last for 210 days.

The area of ​​the campaign is located at depths greater than 2,750 m, and the city of Arraial do Cabo, in Rio de Janeiro, is the closest point of the coast, 150 km away. The port of Rio de Janeiro will be used as an offshore logistics base for the entire campaign.

The 16th round of ANP will offer offshore areas in the Camamu-Almada Basins (SCAL-AP1 and AP2 sectors) and Jacuípe (SJA-AP sector) and ultra-deep waters outside the pre-salt area of ​​the Campos basins (sector SC- AP4) and Santos (sector SS-AUP5).

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