ANP announces the 5th pre-salt auction draft

June 28, 2018

The National Petroleum Agency (ANP) announced the draft contract of the 5th pre-salt auction , which will presented for public consultation until July 11. The agency will hold next Wednesday the hearing to discuss the contributions received to the public notice and draft agreement. The auction is scheduled for September 28 in Rio de Janeiro.

The auction will offer the Saturno and Titan areas, which were declared strategic and unified with blocks SM-534 and SM-645, withdrawn by decision of the TCU from the 15th round held in March, and had signature bonuses set at R$ 3.1 billion. In the March auction the SM-534 and SM-645 blocks had minimum bonuses totaling R $ 3.55 billion and the Saturn area, withdrawn from the 4th pre-salt auction, which will take place on November 7, a bond fixed at R $ 1.41 billion.

The ANP decided to reopen the Southwest areas of Tartaruga Verde and Pau Brazil and reduced the bonuses from R$ 100 million to R $ 70 million and from R $ 1.5 billion to R $ 500 million the bonuses respectively. The two areas were in the 2nd and 3rd pre-salt auctions and did not receive offers.

The minimum percentages of surplus oil that will remain with the Union are:

. Saturn – 9.56%

. Titan – 5.80%

. Pau-Brasil – 24.82%

. Southwest Tartaruga Verde – 10.01%

The local content indexes of the auction are the same as those practiced in other auctions since the resumption of the bidding process, with 18% for the Exploration phase and 25% for Well Construction; 40% for Subsea; and 25% for the Platform. There is no possibility of waiver.

Source: E & P Brasil

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