Macaé on new oil route

Port project licensing opens roads for consolidation of roads and logistics complex


A new oil route, which accompanies the development of the national offshore market, begins to consolidate in Macaé, through  projects that aim to reinforce the importance of the municipality within the scenario of oil and gas activities, not only in the post -sal, but also the pre-salt.

With the success of the auctions carried out by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), which open prospects for investments in production of reserves in the Campos Basin, Macaé today lives the solid foundation of building projects that aim to perpetuate the activities of the offshore chain for the next 40 years.

And what marks this new route is the preparation, in the final stage, of studies and reports that support the possibility of building a new port in the São José do Barreto area. Although the venture has been discussed for nearly a decade now, Tepor has the technical and safety conditions to become the cradle of a new chapter of prosperity for the municipality, based on its natural vocation.

Following a recommendation issued earlier this month by the State Commission for Environmental Control (CECA), the licensing body analyzed by the State Environmental Institute (INEA), EBTE Engenharia has six months to present the Environmental Impact Study (EIA) and the Environmental Impact Report (RIMA) on the enterprise.

The term follows the manifestation signed by EBTE that suspended the licensing of the first port project, to begin the preparation of new studies that follow strict guidelines to complement and meet yet another market demand: natural gas processing.

With the start of the new licensing of Tepor, EBTE also ensures the construction of Transportuária, a road that will connect the stretch of the Macanese coast in São José do Barreto, chosen for the new port, to the point of Serra da Estrada (RJ 162) which will be connected to Estrada de Santa Tereza.

With 18 kilometers of extension, the Transportuária will ensure the necessary cargo operations, both for the installation of the project and for the operation of the new port. The construction of the road is part of the constraints listed in Tepor’s licensing process.

Tepor’s licensing documents are expected to be delivered within a month, a process that will generate the countdown to the start of the road and port works.

Route of the municipality

The licensing of Tepor, associated with the construction of Transportuária, puts pressure on the government to guarantee the beginning of the construction of the Estrada de Santa Tereza Road, a road that will be little more than nine kilometers long, linking Estrada da Serra to the initial section of MC 88, the route that connects the North / South Road to the Parque dos Tubos.

With the license issued by INEA, the construction of Santa Tereza now depends on the order of service of city hall, which must occur within 30 days.

Source: O Debate



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