Commitments agreed with ANP foresee 190 wells in 2018


The E & P commitments agreed by operators with ANP for 2018 foresee the drilling of approximately 190 wells, according to agency estimates. That number is well below the 300 originally forecast for 2017.

Of the total foreseen for this year, 161 are associated with the asset development phase, with a large majority (45.6%) in the Potiguar Basin. Santos (17.4%), Campos (16%), Espírito Santo (8.7%) and Recôncavo (7.45%) are other highlights.

Among the 30 exploration wells, seven (23.3%) are in the Recôncavo and five (16.7%) in the Potiguar Basin, with the others being distributed in the Alagoas, Espírito Santo, Parnaíba, Santos basins , Solimões and Foz do Amazonas.

It is worth remembering that operators who acquired blocks in the 11th round of the ANP in 2011 have not yet obtained an environmental license to drill in Foz do Amazonas.

In 2019 the estimate is that 179 wells will be drilled in projects during the production phase, this time with the Sergipe Basin presenting the highest demand, with 61 wells. The basins of Espírito Santo, Santos, Campos, Potiguar, Recôncavo, Parnaíba and Alagoas also appear in the list.

As for the exploration phase in 2019, well drilling commitments will be presented only in October, the ANP reported.

According to data available on the agency’s website, only 24 wells were started in 2017 and only 8 wells this year (until the closure of this article).


According to the ANP, there are 29 seismic campaigns scheduled for (or in progress) for 2018 and 2019, of which 21 are carried out by operators and another eight by data acquisition companies (EAD) authorized by the ANP.

The 3D seismic campaigns covered 3,409 Km2 in Campos, 2,761 Km2 in the Santos Basin, 150 Km2 in the Solimões Basin and 141 Km2 in Alagoas. Also, 400 km of seismic line (2D) were carried out, in the Solimões Basin and 131.2 Km in the Recôncavo.

Source: Brazil Energy

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