QGEP gets longer time for exploration in the Amazonas Basin


The ANP decided to grant 359 days to the first exploratory period of the FZA-M-90_R11 concession contract, held by QGEP (operator, with 100%). As a result, the end of the First Exploration Period will be from 8/30/2018 to 8/24/2020 and the second period from 8/30/2021 to 8/24/2022.

Oil and gas exploration in the Amazonas Basin is still very uncertain. Recently, Ibama rejected, for the fourth time, Total’s environmental impact study in the region, requesting new information. In addition, the Federal Public Ministry in Amapá, recommended to the environmental agency not to proceed with the release of the license.

The reason for the difficulty in liberating exploration in the region is associated with the presence of biogenic structures in the vicinity of the exploratory block polygons. It is not yet known what are the impacts that the activity can have on these chains.

In addition to QGEP and Total, BP, Petrorio and Ecopetrol are operators in the region. All areas are from the 11th round, held in 2013.


The agency also decided to grant 714 days to the first exploratory period of the PAMA-M-265_R11 and PAMA-M-337_R11 concession contracts. With this, the term goes from 05/15/2019 to 04/28/2021 and the second, from 05/15/2022 to 04/28/2024.

Source: Brazil Energy

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