Onshore drilling, completion and intervention activities in Brazil are expected to grow between 20% and 30% in the coming years, according to Schlumberger estimates.

The increase is mainly associated with opportunities generated by the divestments of Petrobras’ onshore assets, which cover more than 8,000 wells in the Northeast.

“We expect a significant increase in initiatives related to the improvement of production in the region, which will translate into an exponential growth of activity in 2019,” notes the company’s Field Service Manager, Felipe Vigne Germini.

In parallel, Petrobras should intensify the demand for workover services and non-rigid interventions to maintain production levels in its self-sustaining fields in the Amazon and Northeast.

Well abandonment activities will also move the segment. The state is expected to implement a pilot project involving a minimum of three wells next semester and bid for a new abandonment campaign in 2019.

At the moment, Petrobras is bidding for the rehabilitation of the mature field of Canto do Amaro, in Rio Grande do Norte, which will include the drilling and completion of new wells in the asset.

Germini believes that the independent market will begin to recover as early as next semester, boosted by Brent prices.

“The independent operators sell the oil in local currency. With the current exchange rate, the barrel is 10% above its historical level in reais recorded in 2013, “he explains.

The increase in drilling activities should occur mainly in gas-to-wire projects, in which the operator itself generates electricity from production – in the case of Eneva in the Paranaíba Basin.

Other possible incentives will come with the implementation of the Reate, a federal government program to promote onshore activities, and ANP initiatives to evaluate unconventional plays.


Schlumberger has begun work on a new onshore well intervention contract with Petrobras.

In all, 17 slickline-wire units, well tools and 70 employees are being mobilized in the states of Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte, Alagoas, Sergipe and Bahia.

In the amount of R$ 3 million and a duration of one year and a half, the contract will include services of production profiling (coated well).

Schlumberger also has existing contracts for drilling, artificial elevation, training test and cementing with Petrobras.

Source: Brazil Energy

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