Production at Polvo is expected to increase 35% with the completion of the first revitalization well


PetroRio started production of the first well of the Polvo field’s revitalization campaign, called POL-H. The forecast is that, with stabilized production, the well will produce approximately 2,600 barrels / day, representing a 35% increase in total Polvo production in the first month.

The drilling began in April and is part of the revitalization plan for the field, of which the company is an operator. The project encompasses the drilling of three wells over six months, aiming to extend the life of the reservoir. The second well, called POL-Z, had its drilling started.

The incremental volume of recoverable oil from Polvo is estimated at 1.5 million barrels, but still requires independent evaluation.

The drilling and completion of the well until the beginning of production was estimated at 50 days. The net pay was 59 m and the oil density found was 21.5 º API.

Source: Brazilian Energy

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