Shell to hire maintenance and safety unit in Brazil


Shell is analyzing offers for chartering a maintenance and safety unit (MSU) to support its offshore operations in Brazil.

The scope of the tender foresees that the unit have DP2 dynamic positioning system, gangway with movement compensation and capacity for at least 70 people, in addition to the crew.

Scheduled to start in mid-July, the contract will last 70 days, with the possibility of renewal for another 110 days.

Shell operates the fields of Bijupirá and Salema and Parque das Conchas, where the Abalone, Ostra and Argonauta fields are located in the Campos Basin.

The Anglo-Dutch oil company also operates ten blocks in the Barreirinhas Basin and three in the Santos Basin, all of which are in the exploration phase.


Meanwhile, Modec’s bid for a flotel is still open. Initially, competition anticipated start-up in May, but operations were postponed to June. The contract will have a term of 200 days.


New hiring of MSUs must be formalized in the coming months as the term of chartering of units in the service of Petrobras comes to an end.

Between July and November, Greta, OOS, Aquarius Brasil, Equinox, and Olympia, of Gran Energia, are expected to terminate their contracts.

The charter of OOS’s Prometheus will expire next year, and in 2020 the contract of Safe Notos, Prosafe, to come to an end.

In early May, Prosafe CEO Stig Christiansen told investors that Brazil will be the first market to recover.

“We expect Petrobras to launch new bids this year. This is interesting because, until ten years ago, they [Petrobras] practically did not use such equipment, “he said.

Source: Brazil Energy

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