Premier plans to drill well by 2020 in the Ceará Basin


Premier Oil is expected to drill a well in block CE-M-717 in the Ceará Basin in 2020, according to a review of the plan made by the ANP. The original commitment was to drill two wells, but switched to a single well with two targets to test the Berimbau and Maraca prospects.

Drilling is part of the program in conjunction with block CE-M-661, targeting the Itarema / Tatajuba prospects. These last two wells have an average aggregate estimate of 500 million barrels of crude oil.

The block CE-M-717 is operated by Premier (50%), in partnership with CEPSA (50%). Block CE-M-661 is operated by Total (45%), with QGEP (25%) and Premier (30%) as the other partners. The areas are from 11th round.

Currently, there are five blocks in operation in the Ceará Basin, two of which are operated by Premier (CE-M-665 and CE-M-717) and two others operated by Exxon (CE-M-603) and Chevron 715), in addition to the Total area (CE-M-661).

Source: Brazil Energy

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