JLT promotes debate on the resumption of investments in the oil industry that is rekindling the market

The oil market gives signs that it is leaving the ICU after years of uncertainties in the Brazilian economy, but the oil and gas industry in Brazil shows signs of recovery. During the Oil and Gas Seminar held this week in Rio de Janeiro, the panelists unanimously stated that the recent announcement of Petrobras’ R $ 6.9 billion profit, the record collection in the 15th Round of Bids of the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) and the large number of participants for the participation of the 4th Round of the pre-salt, scheduled for June, are examples of companies that have turned their interests to investments in the country. Even without considering that Petrobrás is surfing in a market where the barrel of oil is in the $ 80 range, the company is selling strategic assets, which passes daily increases to the consumer and is not yet effectively investing, the climate seems be changing.

The resumption of growth in the oil and gas industry was one of the topics discussed at the event, which brought together authorities, oil and gas companies and the insurance market. The event was promoted by JLT – Jardine Lloyd Thompson – an English company that is part of the Jardine Matheson Group – and is one of the largest companies specializing in risk management, insurance and reinsurance brokerage and benefits consulting around the world. Attorney Tiago Macedo, Senior Council of Mayer Brown and Tauil and Checker Advogados, believes that legislative, policy and regulatory changes have raised the attractiveness of investments. “The next government can not stop this growth. What has been done in such a short time has had a huge impact and it is necessary to keep in touch with the industry, because there is still much to evolve. ”

Adriano Bastos, president of BP Energia, and Karine Fragoso, manager of FIRJAN’s Oil, Gas and Naval, also spoke on this topic: “What was done in 18 months could not do in 20 years and this allowed the resumption of our industry . We need to do more, to open doors to the growth of independent producers. ” Karine is expecting more market growth: “We are looking forward to the current scenario. It is necessary to consolidate these changes to go further. ”

The reinsurance market also celebrates. Elias Junior, Oil and Gas Director of Austral RE: “The insurance market welcomes this resumption. This is a very important segment and few companies are interested in this activity, since it involves a risk of great complexity. Increased investments stimulate our industry. ”

The challenge of environmental licensing was the theme of a second panel and brought together representatives of various sectors in the process. They believe that improvement is needed in all areas – Ibama, ANP, companies – so that the changes happen and bring the expected improvements. Marcelo Mafra, executive manager of operational safety and environment of the ANP said that “If the market changes, the legislation has to follow. Today the market has a mix of operators and it is necessary to integrate all stakeholders to be able to improve the process of environmental licensing before this new scenario “..

Tomas Bredariol, an environmental analyst at IBAMA, revealed that licensing time depends on many parties, citing as an example the areas in Foz do Amazonas, completed in 2013 and still with no prospect for the start of exploration. “On the technical side, there are still unresolved issues that are very relevant, such as border conditions, for example.” For Adriano Oka, JLT Vice President, the large number of participants in the ninth edition of the O & G Seminar demonstrates that there is ample space to discuss improvements that will lead to industry growth. “For nine consecutive years we have been promoting this meeting to foster a discussion on how we can improve the industry and offer new solutions.”

Source: Petro News

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