P-33 will be decommissioned in 2018. Marlim’s schedule updated


March 7, 2018/Gustavo Gaudarde


The P-33 FPSO completes in December 20 years of production in the Marlim field.

Petrobras has updated the timeline for the Marlim field revitalization project in the Campos Basin and is anticipating the decommissioning of the P-33 FPSO. The facility, which has the capacity to produce 50,000 barrels per day of oil and 1.5 million m3 per day of natural gas, will be replaced, along with the other seven platforms installed in the field, by two new FPSOs that Petrobras is currently bidding. The P-33 began production in 1998 and completes 20 years of production in December.

The Marlim field revitalization project provides for the uninstallation of three other platforms in 2021: P-26, P-32 and P-35. In 2022 Petrobras is forecasting the decommissioning of platforms P-18, P-19, P-20 and P-47. The last unit to leave the field will be the P-47, in 2024.

The Marlim field is now Brazil’s sixth largest oil producer, with 151,000 barrels per day of registered production, according to data from the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) in January. It also has – according to ANP data – installed capacity for the production of 835 thousand barrels per day and 16.9 million m3 per day of natural gas.

In May 2016, ANP and Petrobras signed an extension of contracts for the Marlim and Voador fields until 2052. Petrobras has committed to the installation of two new platforms and the expansion of water injection capacity and fluids processing in the field , in addition to the drilling of ten new wells.

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