CNPE authorizes 5th Round of Sharing and defines local content for Permanent Offer

Fri, May 11, 2018, 10:16 AM


The National Energy Policy Council (CNPE) published on Friday (11/5) two resolutions that deal with oil and gas exploration block bids, carried out by the ANP in 2018.

CNPE Resolution 4/2018 authorizes the realization of the 5th Round of Sharing by the ANP and defines as strategic the areas of Saturn and Titan, to be offered in the auction. The text determines the minimum percentage of excess oil in the Union, the value of the signature bonus (which, in the sharing rounds, is fixed) and the percentages of minimum local content required for each area. In the 5th Round, the areas of Saturn, Titan, Pau-Brasil and Southwest of Tartaruga Verde will be offered, in the Santos and Campos Basins.

The resolution also updates the multiyear calendar of rounds and authorizes the ANP to detail the prospects of Aram, South-east of Lula, South and Southwest of Jupiter and Boomerang in the Santos Basin, in order to hold the 6th Round of Sharing in 2019 .

Resolution CNPE 2/2018 establishes the minimum mandatory local content to be required in the areas of the Permanent Offer. According to the text, the commitments of local content will be defined in specific clauses of the contract and will not be adopted as criterion of judgment of the offers in the bids. For onshore containing marginal accumulations of oil and natural gas, local content will not be subject to contractual requirement.

The Permanent Offer consists of the continuous supply of fields returned (or in the process of being returned) and exploratory blocks offered in previous tenders and returned to the Agency. The First Cycle will have 884 exploratory blocks and 14 areas with marginal accumulations in 15 sedimentary basins, totaling 346,034.94 km². Registrations began on May 2, and the pre-edital and contract drafts are in public consultation until May 28.

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