Thermoelectric companies sign rental contracts at Açu Port

Prumo Logística reported that the subsidiary Porto do Açu Operações (Açu Port Manager, in the North Coast of Rio de Janeiro) signed a contract with another subsidiary, Gás Natural Açu, to lease an area of ​​378 thousand m2 in Terminal 2 of marine complex for 23 years, renewable for more than 25 years, aiming at the implantation of the first thermoelectric plant at the port.
There is also an area expansion right of approximately 426 thousand M2 for the implementation of a second thermoelectric plant and future projects in this sector up to GNA’s licensed power generation capacity limit of 6,400. The agreement includes use of the North Jetty to develop a liquefied natural gas regasification terminal project.
The start of the thermoelectric operation is scheduled for 2021 and 2023. Thus, the Port of Açu will have power generation through thermoelectric plants, which will supply the maritime terminals and the companies of the industrial complex currently under development.
Source: The Tribuna

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