Ecopetrol prepares to participate in the 4th round in June

Ecopetrol is preparing to participate in the 4th Production Sharing Round in June, the company’s Vice President of Exploration Max Torres said during a conference with analysts.
The company even registered in the second and third rounds of the pre-salt in 2017, but did not submit offers.
“[Brazil] is a very hot market at the moment, and we are following it closely,” said Ecopetrol president Felipe Bayón.
The executive added that the company has a great relationship with Petrobras. “We have common interests here in Colombia and a good strategic relationship,” he said.
Ecopetrol operates the POT-M-567 block in the Potiguar Basin and the FZA-M-320 in Foz do Amazonas, in addition to having a stake in CE-M-715 in the Ceará Basin. All assets were acquired in the 11th ANP Round.
Source: Brazil Energy

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