Total says there are no coral reefs in the area to be drilled in Foz do Amazonia Basin

The French oil company Total reported last Friday that no organic structure was identified in the FZA-M-57 block, in the Foz do Amazonas Basin. On April 19, MPF asked Ibama to deny the environmental license for Total blocks in the region after a coral structure was discovered in the region by Greenpeace.

Total claims that the well planned to be drilled in the block is 28 km from the previously identified coral structure and 34 km from the latest environmental organization discovery.

The French company operates five blocks in Foz: FZA-M 57, 86, 88, 125 and 127.

The oil company had the environmental impact studies of the region rejected by Ibama in August of last year. In an order signed by the president of Ibama, Suely Araújo, the agency listed pending issues pointed out in technical opinion that prevented the issuance of license and requested complements.

“Oil dispersion modeling, for example, can leave no doubt about the potential impacts on the coral reef and marine biodiversity more broadly,” she said in the paper. She also highlighted the need for international negotiations related to potential cross-border risks in the licensing of maritime drilling and interlocution with French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana and Venezuela, as well as Caribbean archipelagos.

Source: Brazil Energy

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