Petrobras continues to postpone bidding for Búzios V FPSO

Petrobras postponed for the eighth time the deadline for submitting bids for the FPSO charter of Búzios V, a production unit scheduled to start operating in 2021. The new date has been rescheduled for May 15.

The change in schedule, according to Petrobras, was again caused by requests from some participating companies. The proposals were due to be delivered on April 30. The postponement notice was posted about a week ago.

The new postponement caused a surprise in the market. Most of the companies were betting that Petrobras would keep April 30 as the deadline, since the previous postponement had already been motivated by the request of some participating companies.

Before the last two extensions, Petrobras had already postponed the date for the need to update the cost of the project with the TCU. The amount presented by the oil company to the agency was budgeted before the bidding was launched and was not updated.

The Búzios V FPSO will be chartered for a period of 21 years, with the possibility of extension for an equal period. Scheduled to be installed in the northern part of the field, the unit will have the capacity to produce 180,000 barrels / day of oil and process 12 million m3 / day of gas.

Búzios is located in the northern part of the Santos Basin and has the largest oil volume of the onerous assignment, with a mark of 3 billion boe. On April 20, Petrobras inagurated the production of the field, with the start of operation P-74, which inaugurated the module I, operated in the central part.

At the moment, the P-74 operates interconnected to the Búzios-7 well, producing about 31 thousand barrels / day of oil. As the compression plant is in the commissioning phase, the project’s gas production is being burned until the first injector well is connected.

Two other FPSOs will be commissioned in the second half of this year, the P-75 and the P-76. The fourth unit, P-77, has first oil planned for 2020.

Source: Brazil Energy

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