5th pre-salt auction scheduled for September 28. CNPE to approve auction next week


April 27, 2018

The Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) scheduled for September 28 the 5th pre-salt auction, which will offer the two blocks removed from the 15th Round plus the Saturno, Pau Brasil and Tartaruga Verde Sudoeste areas. The auction should be approved at an extraordinary meeting of the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE) scheduled for Wednesday (4/5).

Blocks S-M-534 and S-M-645 had a minimum bonus of R $ 3.55 billion in the 15th round. And the Saturno area, a fixed bond of R $ 1.41 billion. It is possible, however, that these numbers may change, since the prerogative to define the values ​​in the production-sharing auctions is from the CNPE. The Pau Brasil and Sudoeste areas of Tartaruga Verde did not receive offers at the 3rd and 2nd pre-salt auctions held in October last year, but the ANP believes that the projects may once again attract interest.

The 5th round of the pre-salt is part of an agreement signed by the MME, ANP and the Federal Court of Audit (TCU) to make the competition viable after the TCU determined the removal of the blocks from the 15th round.

The areas that would be offered in the 5th pre-salt auction, which were scheduled for the second half of 2019, will be offered in the 6th pre-salt auction, scheduled for the same date. Petrobras may exercise preference in the three areas, as the contracts will be tendered in the production sharing model.

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