Petrobras – Ubarana to win offshore wind project

March 13, 2018

Petrobras is licensing a pilot project for offshore wind generation at the Ubarana field in the Potiguar Basin. The oil company will install a tower with an aero-generator, an anemometric tower and an umbilical electric-optical submarine cable of approximately 1 km of extension at about 20 km of the coast of Guamaré, in a region with average water depth between 12 and 16 m .


The company has already started the environmental licensing of the project. The wind turbine tower will be installed about 1 km away from the Ubarana Platform 3 (PUB-3). The wind turbine will have nominal power of 5 MW and will be connected through the sub-umbilical electric-optical cable to the PUB-3 platform.

The energy generated will be measured on the platform itself, which will already be connected to the ground network when the offshore wind power pilot plant is installed. The wind turbine will be operated remotely and the data measured by the anemometric tower will be sent via radio to PUB-3.

The Ubarana field is located on the continental shelf of Rio Grande do Norte, in the Potiguar Basin, 13 km off the coast of the municipality of Guamaré, in a water depth between 12 and 17 m. The ANP approved in June 2016 the extension of the concession contract for the Ubarana field in the shallow waters of the Potiguar Basin until 2034. At the time, it was agreed that Petrobras would submit a study for the injection of water to the western area of ​​the field and install bottom pressure recorders in all producing wells that will undergo intervention to change the method of elevation.

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