Six subsea projects that can be contracted in 2018 – Brazil


January 12, 2018

The resumption of FPSO contracts and the signing of contracts for the unitized areas of the 2nd pre-salt auction, due to take place on January 31 at the Presidential Palace, can hike the demand for subsea equipment on the street.

After almost three years, Petrobras re-contracted FPSOs and closed the contract for the FPSOs Sepia and Mero with Modec at the end of last year. The signing of contracts for the areas of Carcará and Gato do Mato, operated by Statoil and Shell, respectively, may also open demand for equipment and production units.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s on suppliers’ radar:

Mero 1 SURF, Mero 1 Umbilical and Mero 2 SPS

The Libra consortium contracted late last year with Modec the first platform for a definitive system of the field of Mero, first of the production sharing, in the Santos Basin. The unit will be built by Modec.

Now the market awaits the hiring of the Surf package (Subsea, Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines) and umbilicals for the first FPSO of the project. Also on the radar is the Subsea Production System (SPS) for the second Mero production unit, which is expected to be contracted this year.

Marlim Manifolds

Petrobras will charter two new FPSOs for the Marlim field revitalization project in deep waters of the Campos Basin. The expectation is that the company will bid this year to contract the manifolds that will be used in the project. The collection and injection systems of the Marlim and Voador fields will be composed of flexible ducts, Christmas trees and submarine manifolds.

The production manifolds will be interconnected to the FPSOs by the following ducts: production ducts, production test, gas lift and gas lift test and electrohydraulic umbilical. The manifolds of water injection will be interconnected to the platforms by: water injection ducts and electrohydraulic umbilical. The total length of flexible and umbilical ducts to be launched is approximately 1000 km.

Statoil Carcará

The consortium Statoil, Petrogal and ExxonMobil will sign with the Union a production-sharing contract for the unitizable area of ​​Norte de Carcará, which will be operated by Statoil, on January 31. The area will be unitized with the field that will be declared commercial from the discovery of Carcará, which is in the exploratory block BM-S-8, in the Santos Basin.

The company will still test the reservoirs in the area this year by drilling at least one well and conducting a training test. The market, however, is already awaiting bidding for the project’s subsea, which has yet to officially be released by Statoil to begin production.

Gato do Monte

Another project of the suppliers radar is the discovery of Gato do Mato, made by the Shell and Total consortium in the area of ​​block BM-S-54, in the Santos Basin. Like the Carcará area, the project depends on its unitization to walk.

Company said recently that it intends to start drilling wells in the southern area of ​​Gato do Mato in 2019, which was sold at the 2nd pre-salt auction held in October last year. Shell has not yet officially declared the production forecast for the project.

Drill Pipe Risers

Petrobras recently launched a tender to hire drill pipe risers for pre-salt fields operated by the company. The competition provides systems with capacity to withstand pressures of up to 5 thousand psi, up to 2 thousand m of water depth.

Drill Pipe Risers – Pre-Salt

The market is expected to launch a tender for the contracting of drill pipe rises for the fields operated by Petrobras in the Brazilian pre-salt in March. This competition is expected by the subsea equipment supplier industry since the middle of last year.

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