International Oil Companies invested R$30 billion in 2017 in Brazil

Brazil once again is in the aim of the major IOC’s. Attracted by the pre salt bidding rounds and the Petrobras divestment program, IOC’s have invested approximately R$30 billion (U$9.25 billion) during 2017 in the acquisition of assets.

Statoil with investments of U$3.66 billion leads the pack, followed closely the ExxonMobil with U$3.28 billion; Total with U$2.2 billion; BP with U$315mm; Petrogal with U$300mm and Shell U$100mm.

Other smaller IOC’s also left their mark: Chinese CNODC with U$ 180mm and CNOOC with U$28mm; Qatar Petroleum U$26mm, US Murphy Oil U$18mm; Repsol Sinopec U$15mm; Repsol U$7mm and Aussie Karoon with U$6mm

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