ONIP’s Program ” Virtuoso Circuit” for the Oil and Gas Industry in Brazil is launched at Firjan

Based on the positive result of the last oil and natural gas bidding rounds, the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) launched ,in partnership with the National Organization of the Petroleum Industry (Onip) and the Federation of Industries of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Firjan), the Virtuoso Circuit program for the Oil and Gas Industry in Brazil.

The program aims to meet the new operators and charterers that are entering the country from the new bidding rounds and demonstrate that the national suppliers of goods and services in the area of ​​oil and gas is competitive and can meet the internal and external demand. “Brazil has productive centers capable of serving the companies,” said Onip’s president, Marcos Assayag.


The Circuit already has events scheduled to present these industrial centers to the operators and charterers, in several Brazilian regions. The first of them is scheduled for the end of the month and will be attended by the Minister of Mines and Energy, Fernando Coelho. It will take place in Maranhão, where Eneva, the third largest thermal capacity company in Brazil and the largest private natural gas operator in Brazil, located in the Parnaíba Complex, will be visited.


The Circuit is expected to run until September 2018 when the Rio Oil & Gas Expo and Conference will be held in Rio de Janeiro, considered the largest event in Latin America, promoted by the Brazilian Institute of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (IBP).


Minister Fernando Coelho assured that the moment where everything was Petrobras’ responsibility is in the past. Brazil is going through a new phase, he said. “Brazil is much more than that. Petrobras has much more capacity than this and there are many companies wanting to come and do what they already do in other states in Brazil. ” The minister admitted that it is not easy, because of the many challenges along the way. However, he noted that “we were able to win the first stage”.


Coelho considered that the Virtuoso Circuit program for the Oil and Gas Industry is perhaps the most important of all stages because many international companies that were already working in Brazil will be able to contract their equipment and services in the country. “It is the role of government to be alongside companies, operators.” According to him, the Circuit will put companies to talk directly to the oil and gas industry, making room for negotiations.


The minister also said that the project is a chance of emancipation of the country’s oil and gas industry and that Brazilian companies will position themselves to serve other places around the world, such as South America and the Atlantic coast of Africa. Coelho believes that the Brazilian industry will, “from the effort of all of us, increasingly occupy a share in the budgets and contracts of many companies, operators and charters already in Brazil.”


The secretary said that other countries, such as Singapore, China, may also supply Brazil, but then asked: “How will you be more competitive than us, that we are here? That’s the challenge. ” Félix said that the companies installed in Brazil are already supplying the South Atlantic and arriving in French Guiana.

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