With the Topsides 4.0 tool Siemens launches FPSO scanning solution


Claudio Makarovsky, Siemens

Yesterday, on O & G TechWeek, which will take place from August 21 to 25 at the Tomorrow’s Museum in Rio de Janeiro, Siemens introduced Topsides 4.0, a set of solutions for scanning Floating Production, Storage and Transfer Units (FPSOs).

According to Claudio Makarovsky, head of the Siemens Oil & Gas lineup, the Topsides 4.0 initiative will be launched and the announcement was made by Jesus Pacheco, Executive VP of Technology and Innovation at Siemens,  focused on the technological revolution of the Oil & Gas industry. In September, the technology of scanning in a FPSO, had its anticipated launching in Brazil for the relevance and qualification because Brazil is the world’s largest demander of this type of platform.

“Companies today must view scanning as a business transformation initiative enabled by IT,” says Makarovsky. “The adoption of the digitization is not about buying a single solution but about customers embarking on a journey with strategic partners to make their business more competitive in the real world while continuing to take advantage of advances in the digital world. With Topsides 4.0, Siemens aims to help O & G’s businesses achieve this goal by responding to the challenges of the 4th industrial revolution, “he points out.

On Wednesday morning, following the launch of Topsides 4.0, Makarovsky will participate in Rio Automação at RB1, which will arrive at its ninth edition in 2017. On that occasion, the executive will announce the MindSphere for the Oil & Gas sector. “We will introduce MindSphere, Siemens’ open innovation platform, but we do not just want to show this tool. Our main goal will be to encourage segment professionals to ‘think outside the box’. The solution is extraordinary, but it will become increasingly important as we receive more input from new applications, for example, and that’s what we want to encourage in that participation, “he says.

Siemens will offer a “Market Place” of apps such as Google Play or the Apple Store where developers (integrators, universities, startups, or end users) can register, enable and access APIs (App development tools), develop your app, and if approved, have it released for sale at Market Place worldwide. Or even hire a developer access and access all of these API’s and “Libraries” to develop and negotiate your apps for your clients.

In Brazil we have Chemtech, Actos and Accenture as approved developers with several developed applications.

According to the executive, two facts make the Oil & Gas segment one of the most promising and challenging in the Brazilian economy: the great potential of the reserves not yet explored and the new technologies available. “The two events should bring together the main decision-makers on this issue in Rio de Janeiro and Siemens will present news in both,” he concludes.


O & G Tech Week and Rio Automação

Date: August 21-25

Hours: 9am – 6:30 p.m.

Location: Museum of Tomorrow – Praça Mauá, Centro, Rio de Janeiro – RJ

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