Oil States Offshore Inspection Technology Offers Cost Reduction to O & G Industry



The acquisition of offshore inspection technology expanded Oil States ‘technical capacity in this field of activity, adding value and reducing operational costs related to drilling risers’ logistics. With the use of advanced non-destructive techniques, international certifications and state-of-the-art equipment for both inspection and data recording, Oil States is able to provide high resolution (offshore, onshore, regular or integrity inspection services ) in horizontal or vertical position; Automated ultrasonic welding inspection (TOFD & Phased Array); Automated ultrasonic inspection of internal surfaces of main and auxiliary lines for corrosion assessment; Flange inspection (Phased Array); Inspection of bolts / nuts; Dimensional inspection; Video inspection; and inspection by conventional nondestructive testing.

Thus, in the face of the new auction rounds of offshore blocks, which include areas of the pre-salt, an environment with concentration of contaminants such as H2S and CO2, the Brazilian market has an important and complete offshore service provider with international certifications, guaranteeing the integrity, the extension of useful life and the safety of the operations in these environments, with cost reduction.

One of the advantages of the acquisition is the combination of knowledge in robotics / automation, inspection methods, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and certification requirements, which gives the customer the possibility to manage the integrity and life of the equipment within a single company – thus optimizing indirect costs.

“Oil States is a major supplier of oil and gas industry and is committed to using the most advanced solutions with the best technologies available to overcome the challenges of the Brazilian offshore. The company provides safety and expertise for its customers to operate producing fields from start to finish of the project, even in environments of great logistical and environmental challenges such as pre-salt, “says Marcio Robles, CEO of Oil States in Brazil.

Thus, even in a scenario of retraction of investments in the oil and gas sector, which is expected to start again a cycle of expansion soon, Oil States made investments to bring technology and knowledge to the country, in addition to continuing the works of new its factory in Santa Cruz, in Rio de Janeiro. The demonstration of the new service took place at its base in Macaé for about 12 drillings contractors and several oil companies looking for technological solutions capable of increasing productivity and operational efficiency in offshore operations.

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