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Suretank Brazil and Pinamak close partnership to transport chemicals to platforms



Suretank Latin America has entered into a partnership agreement with Pinamak in the quest to reduce operating costs in transporting chemicals to offshore platforms in Brazil.

The partnership between Suretank, a leading manufacturer of offshore chemical tanks, and Pinamak, an offshore logistics company with a long-term presence in the Campos Basin, marks a significant change for chemical tanks operators in Brazil.

Companies can now access locations near boarding points where decontamination, laundering, storage, and filling of their chemical transport tanks can occur, saving valuable time and reducing transportation costs.

Marco Pfeifer commented on the new partnership: “This is the result of two years of research and development that study the Brazilian market in order to devise the best way to reduce operating costs for companies working in the oil and gas market. For the first time, we can offer chemical companies a complete solution for their offshore requirements.”

Pinamak has a licensed warehouse area of ​​more than 30,000 m² in Macaé (RJ).

Suretank has the largest number of DNV 2.7-1 certified products and in Brazil it works on Normam 5 (Brazilian Navy requirement for this type of offshore dangerous cargo operation).

Suretank is a worldwide manufacturer of offshore containers and tanks for the oil and gas industries. Suretank has design and manufacturing facilities in Ireland, UK, Poland, Thailand, Brazil, USA and China, as well as sales offices in the USA, UK, Thailand, Australia and Brazil.

Suretank’s product range includes chemical and chemical transport tanks, Helifuel tanks, offshore containers, baskets, Mudskips offshore tanks and cryogenic tanks.

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