ANP places for public consultation the pre – bid contracts of the 2nd and 3rd bidding round


07/07/2017 17h20


The National Petroleum Agency (ANP) has placed for public consultation the pre-announcements and drafts of the contracts for the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the sharing regime in the pre-salt. The public consultation will be extended until July 21. The public hearing on the issue will take place on the 25th of this month.
The ANP pointed out that it has adopted some improvements in the draft contract and pre-tender, including the inclusion of rules that allow the participation of investment funds as non-operators in consortia; And the possibility of taking advantage of documents presented in one sharing round to the other.
The agency also cited the adjustments in the indexes of local content and the adaptation of the texts to Petrobras’ preemptive right to act as operator. The state-owned company exercised preemptive rights for the uninhabitable area adjacent to the Sapinhoá field (2nd Round) and for the Peroba and Alto de Cabo Frio Central blocks (Round 3).
For each round, according to the ANP, two contract drafts were drawn up, one with and another without the participation of Petrobras 30% as operator.
Both rounds are scheduled to take place on October 27.

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