CBO Group retakes partnership with Sotreq and acquires propulsion package for offshore support vessels


05/22/2017   Press Release / Rodrigo Feria

Even in a period of low sales and slowed growth, some companies in the maritime market continue with plans to expand the fleet. An example of this is the Brazilian offshore company CBO Group, which resumed its partnership with Sotreq, a 75-year-old company in the market and one of the largest suppliers of Cat® solutions, products and systems in Brazil. Equipment for two more vessels.

At the end of 2014, Sotreq marketed propulsion engines, gearboxes and CPP propulsion systems for four AHTS18000 (Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels) vessels. The first AHTS is scheduled for commissioning by June 2017. “This new project further tightens our relationship with the CBO. Today, there are three PSV4500 vessels with Cat® equipment in operation, in addition to the six AHTS vessels under construction at Oceana Estaleiro, “says Rodrigo Feria, Sotreq’s Maritime Market Sales Manager.

Bidding in the sixth round of the state-owned Maritime Support Vessel Fleet Renewal Program (Prorefam), the maritime support vessels were designed to carry out anchor handling, towing and platform supply operations, chartered to Petrobras.

The negotiation involved the complete propulsion package, which includes four MaK 6M32C engines (3,000 bkW @ 600 rpm) and two axle lines with Cat® Propulsion controllable pitch propellers. CBO’s main objective is to reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

In order to ensure that the customer’s wishes were met, Sotreq has developed a solution that combines the low rotation of the MaK M32 propulsion engines with the feathering technology of the Cat® Propulsion system, an axis line without causing additional resistance to the vessel.

“This solution ensures lower fuel consumption, as well as less wear on engines and other system components. Allowing for lower total cost of ownership during the life of the vessels”, informs Feria.


About Sotreq – With 75 years of experience in Brazil, it is one of the largest providers of customized solutions, Cat® products and systems. Currently, the organization has more than 60 branches distributed in the Southeast, Midwest, North and Northeast regions of Brazil, offering complete support in parts, services, contracts and technology.


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