ANP will stimulate participation of investment funds in the auctions


The National Petroleum Agency (ANP) will adopt measures to stimulate the participation of investment funds in the upcoming auctions of oil areas. According to the Director General of the agency, Décio Oddone. Among the measures will be the reduction of companies’ capital requirements for participation and simplification of practices for consortium formation.

– We are working so that investment funds can enter, in partnership with companies. For companies that do not have a very robust balance sheet, they can also rely on funds. It will be through a consortium. We are creating facility for this to happen. That was always possible, but it was never much practiced, “Oddone said, adding that the new capital requirements are still being discussed.

After raising R $ 8 million with the concession of oilfields on the ground on Thursday, Oddone will in the coming weeks conduct a roadshow with international investors to attract them to the next auctions that will be held in Brazil . Oddone will be meeting with European investors in London next week and next will be in New York and San Diego to talk to the American market.

– Let’s show you what we have in these upcoming auctions. Let’s have group meetings. We have a full agenda for individual meetings with investors to get questions and clarifications, “said Oddone, who is in the new AmchamRio board.

According to Oddoni, the expectation for the next auction is of “a very great interest”.

– Companies have manifested this, we are being highly sought after. We expect this to materialize in the auctions – he said. – At this week’s auction, which was small, we had four companies, from the service area, who took the opportunity to make exploration. This is the beginning of a positive cycle, of a chain that will begin to strengthen.

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