Statoil plans to continue investing in the pre salt in Brazil

Statoil president in Brazil, Anders Opedal, said the oil company is launching a long-term oil exploration investment program in the Campos Basin and Carcará fields in the pre-salt. The forecast is to participate in new auctions.


The executive, who was at an event at the Brazilian Petroleum Institute (IBP) that discussed the issue of local content politics, criticized the model adopted by the previous PT government:


– We do not want to repeat the 13th round (of biddings of oil blocks). A competitive regulatory framework is necessary, “he said.


According to the Statoil executive, suppliers have a great challenge to become competitive in quality, price and deadlines, especially in a context where oil companies are reviewing their costs. Currently, Statoil has 60% local content in Peregrino block and is signing contracts with 30 suppliers that meet these competitiveness requirements.

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