Petrobras increased by 1% the 2017-2012 investment plan

Petrobras adjusted its business plan and increased the investment threshold for the period 2017-2021 by 1% from US $ 74.1 billion to US $ 74.5 billion.


For the same period, the company increased its exploration and production (E & P) forecasts by US $ 600 million from US $ 60.7 billion to US $ 61.3 billion; And reduced its contribution in refining and natural gas by US $ 300 million from US $ 12.4 billion to US $ 12.1 billion.


The partnership and divestment program totaled US $ 21 billion in the same period.


According to the director of Finance and Investor Relations, Ivan Monteiro, the company’s asset sales plan gained a “new dynamic” after the decision of the Federal Audit Court (TCU) to release the continuity of the program, with adjustments in procedures .


In the fourth quarter of the year, Petrobras invested a total of R $ 14.06 billion, down 32.5% year-on-year. In the year, the state-owned company invested R $ 55.3 billion, down 27% from the R $ 76.3 billion invested in 2015.

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