Rio Justice suspends Petrobras bid for pre-salt parts

The Rio Justice has ordered the suspension of the bid by Petrobras for the purchase of moorings for six platforms in the pre-salt fields of the onerous assignment.


According to a newspaper article reported on the 8th, Petrobras declared a Chinese company the winner that did not comply with local content rules, regulation of the oil sector that determines the contracting of minimum percentage of products and services in Brazil.


The moorings are part of the platform anchoring system and the current rule requires local content of 65%. The Brazilian competitor, Brazil Amarras, entered in court against the result that declared Chinese Asac (Asian Star Anchor Chain) the winner.


In addition to the noncompliance with the local content, it also argued that the foreigner practiced prices below those of the market. The bid is for a $ 50 million contract.


The judge of the 51st Civil Court of Rio, Alessandro Oliveira Felix, determined in an injunction (provisional) the suspension of the bid. There is recourse.


At the time, Petrobras claimed that “it is in favor of local content policy and a model that awards innovation, production with adequate quality, costs and adequate deadlines.”


Source: Valor

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