Odebrecht plans IPO for 2018 and plans exit of the family from control of the group

The construction company Odebrecht organizes the exit of the family that controls the company and plans to open its capital in 2018. The information was disclosed on Tuesday by the newspaper Valor Econômico. Odebrecht Engenharia’s IPO (Public Offering) was viewed with a bad eye by Marcelo Odebrecht, former president of the group and arrested in Operation Lava Jato.

The president of the company, Newton de Souza, refused to divulge the business plans of the group, but confirmed that there will be no more members of the family, that gives name to the company, either in the presidency of the boards or in the executive presidency, having only the role of investors, but not managers.

According to the report, after Emílio Odebrecht leaves the presidency of the Odebrecht holding company, in about two years, only professionals will administer.

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