‘Maersk Pacer’ nets two-year deal in Brazil


Danish offshore vessel owner Maersk Supply Service has been awarded a two-year contract with Brazil’s PetroRio for Maersk Pacer an anchor handler, to perform tanker lifting for offloading operations in Brazil.

Maersk Supply Service’s  CCO Carsten Gram Haagensen said:  “With this contract, Maersk Supply Service demonstrates that we are a trusted and preferred vessel provider in Brazil’s highly challenged market. We look forward to further building our good relationship with PetroRio and continuing our strong track-record of consistently delivering high quality and safe services to our clients.”

Maersk Pacer was first contracted with PetroRio – formerly known as HRT – in 2014 on a 60 day job, which then resulted in a three year contract.

With the recent contract award, Maersk Supply Service will continue operations with Maersk Pacer for an additional two-years. The new contract with PetroRio will start in June 2017.

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