Columbia Tecnologia launches new technology for oil extraction

All the countries of the world, especially Brazil, have experienced in the last years an economic tendency of cost reduction, cut in expenses and incessant search for new technologies that optimize processes. Among the most active sectors in this area is that of oil and gas. which has a state-of-the-art innovation: Columbia Tecnologia, a company from the state Espírito Santo, which has state of the art innovation has solved a major problem in oil extraction.

A worldwide reference in the development of technologies for the petroleum sector, Columbia has developed a product that serves as a “coating” on tubes that extract oil from the well to the surface. Its operationalization is simple and addresses an important shortage of the sector. The oil, which spouts at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius, tends to lose heat when it comes in contact with the icy sea water in the offshore areas. This process causes loss of fluidity of the product and demands an increase in the force required for its extraction, among other difficulties.

According to the president of the Columbia, Marcos Pegoretti, there are several competitive advantages of the new technology developed and the key is undoubtedly cost reduction. “Our project represents a low value, paid in 10% of the life of the well, in addition to diminishing the efforts in the extraction of petroleum, resulting in more economy. In addition, it functions as a floating element, something unheard of in the world, reducing the efforts of the rig and also prevents the creation of paraffin inside the tube”.

The new technology has already been accredited by the Brazilian company Petrobras, one of the main stakeholders in the new product. “For five years, we tested on the Sheilan ship in the form of a pilot project. It was total success. Now, with this positive track record, we have no doubt that it will be very well accepted by the oil companies operating in the country and also in the world, since it solves a specific problem in the sector, “adds Marcos Pegoretti.

Initially deployed only in offshore wells, the technology is also already being prepared to operate onshore . “This heat exchange that hinders the extraction of oil exists in any well in the world, whether it is in the sea, desert (Kuwait, UAE and Saudi Arabia) or cooler areas (Russia, Canada and the United States). That is, the demand is great for an efficient and profitable solution, “adds the president of Columbia.

Already in the final stage of preparation, the new product of the company, winner of the National Innovation Award and already with several other new technologies released, will be available to the Brazilian and world market in 2017.

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