UPDATE 1-Brazil’s Senate expected to dismiss Rousseff in impeachment vote

Aug 31 Brazil’s Senate is expected to vote on Wednesday to dismiss President Dilma Rousseff, finalizing a nine-month impeachment process and confirming the country’s shift to the center-right with the end of 13 years of leftist Workers Party rule.

Rousseff’s supporters seemed resigned to the likelihood that more than two-thirds of the 81-member Senate would convict her of breaking budget laws, while opponents hailed the chance to turn the page on a drawn-out economic and political crisis.

Brazil’s first female president has denied any wrongdoing and said the impeachment process was aimed at protecting the interests of the country’s economic elite.

If Rousseff is convicted as expected, a tricky transition would fall to her conservative former vice president, Michel Temer, who has served as interim president since the Senate trial began in May and will finish out her term through to 2018.

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