Former director of Sete Brasil confirms sharing kickbacks with the PT Party and Petrobras director Duque


July 20, 2016

In testimony given on Tuesday (19), to federal judge Sergio Moro, the former CEO of Sete Brasil, João Carlos Ferraz, confirmed of sharing fees charged to shipyards hired by the company, with the former PT treasurer, John Vaccari Neto, with the former director of Petrobras, Renato Duque, and also former Sete directors, Peter Barusco and Eduardo Musa.

He explained that the fee corresponded to 0.9% of the contracts signed by Seven with shipyards like Jurong, Keppel Fels and Atlantico Sul. Two thirds of the money was for the PT, paid via Vaccari. The rest was divided between what they called “House 1”, made by the board of Petrobras, via Duque, and “House 2”,  Barusco and Musa and himself.

The former president of Sete Brasil said that all shipyards hired to build drillships paid a fee of 0.9% of the contract value. “Two-thirds were for the Workers Party (PT), in the person of John Vaccari Neto [former treasurer of the party], and the rest was divided into two equal parts. One part was intended for people of Petrobras and the other for executives Sete Brazil, “said Ferraz.

João Carlos Ferraz said he received between $ 1 million and $ 2 million in fees, which were paid through an account in  Bank Kramer, Switzerland. The account had been opened in 2011 in the name of an offshore call Firazza. According to Ferraz, the amount received is only one part of the fees payable by the shipyards, since the payments would be made over the life of the contracts – which were between 10 and 15 years in duration.

The former president said that Sete Brasil was introduced to John Vaccari Neto by Pedro Barusco and Renato Duque, during a dinner in São Paulo. “They said they had the desire to further increase these fees, so that not only the yards would pay, but also the operators” reported Ferraz

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