A Third of Brazilians Support Acting President Temer, Poll Shows

And the unpopular economic reforms have not been introduced to Congress yet…

Brazil’s Acting President Michel Temer fares better than his deeply unpopular predecessor, according to the first public opinion survey since Dilma Rousseff was suspended for an impeachment trial.

Temer’s personal approval rating is 33.8 percent, according to a June 2-5 MDA survey of 2,002 people commissioned by the country’s National Transport Confederation. This compares to a 21.8 percent approval rating for Rousseff in February.

Brazil’s largest-ever corruption investigation, know as Carwash, encroached on members of the government and the ruling party during the first month of Temer’s interim administration. Two of his most important cabinet members stepped down in quick succession after leaked audio of private conversations suggested they tried to interfere with the investigation that is supported by most Brazilians.

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