Another one bites the dust – Brazil’s Temer Loses a Second Minister to Audio Leak Scandal

In 19 days 2 ministers are axed for same reason. How long before the interim president will last?

The ministry that Acting President Michel Temer created to demonstrate his commitment to fighting corruption was caught up in the fringes of the sweeping investigation that has rattled Brazil’s political establishment for two years.

Fabiano Silveira, the Minister of Transparency and Control, resigned on Monday after local press published a recording of a conversation in which he criticized the graft probe known as Carwash and offered advice to a politician under investigation. He was the second minister in two weeks to resign because of leaked audio, threatening the stability of Temer’s administration less than a month after he took over Latin America’s largest economy.

 Temer, who is serving as Brazil’s interim president while the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff is tried in the Senate, has announced outlines of the policies he will send to Congress to help address Brazil’s budget woes and get the economy growing again. However, the honeymoon period investors hoped would give him some political space has been spent responding to crises of public opinion and the Carwash corruption probe.

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