Back at the House of Cards -Brazil’s Rousseff Accuses Her Vice President of Coup Attempt

Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff accused her vice president of attempting to illegally overthrow the government, underscoring the heightened political tensions just days before Congress votes on her impeachment.

Without directly naming Vice President Michel Temer, Rousseff said Tuesday that the prior day’s leak of a recording where he discussed the outlines of a Temer administration amounted to treason.

“Even before the vote on the inconsistent impeachment request, a statement was distributed in which one of the chiefs of the conspiracy pretends to be president of the republic,” she said in reference to Temer.

 The leak came just hours before a special lower house committee voted to back the request to impeach the president. The full house is expected to start voting as early as Friday whether to approve the motion, which could result in Rousseff’s removal from office. If that occurs, Temer would take over the top job.


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